Sitemap can be read but has errors


How to fix Sitemap can be read but has errors.

Google says “sitemap index can be read, but has errors”

Suggests a temporally issue. Possibly the file was 404 when Google first tried to fetch it.

Possibly you just need to wait for Googel to refetch. Can ‘resubmit’ the sitemap index, by just putting its url in the ‘add a new sitemap’ box. If the sitemap is already in the console, acts as a ‘resubmit’.
No garentee WHEN google will try refetching, but should happen eventually.

Sitemap can be read, but has errors. how do you fix this?

Solution =

1- Deactivate – All In One WP Security Plugin

2- Deactivate Yoast Sitemap

3 – Activate Google Sitemap

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